Alex Scarcini Brian Andryko
Alessandro Scarsini
Co-Founder & President

Brian Andreyko
Chief Product Officer

Founded in 2009, Edgewater Markets is a leading technology-driven trading platform and trusted provider of foreign exchange services with over 300+ global institutional clients. Edgewater's footprint provides access to FX markets all around the world, and entrance into pools of local liquidity.

In this landmark interview lasting almost 40 minutes, Alex and Brian cover large areas not often addressed in such detail. As well as a granular view of Edgewater's services the interview covers the state of the FXPB markets, the state and level of commoditisation of G5 and other currencies, Tier Two and other FX institutions, credit remediation, "once price fits all", market impact, NLL (no last look), the current NDF space as well as different FX technologies including growth in FX exchanges as well as customised liquidity pool creation. And much more.

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