e-Forex interviews Albina Zhdanova - TFB's COO

                For Brokers
Albina Zhdanova
Tools for Brokers was founded 10 years ago in St Petersberg, Russia by Alexey Kutsenko with the aim of providing innovative, cost effective solutions for brokers. With their exceptional programming skills, service and value proposition, Tools For Brokers has come to occupy a prominent role in the back end fintech that brokers rely on to facillitate an increasingly demanding and service oriented marketplace. From regulatory reporting requirements, to forex broker business intelligence, and active liquidity management as well as other offerings such as their PAMM, Tools For Brokers has gone from strength to strength.

Listen to Albina Zhdanova, Tools For Brokers COO being interviewed by e-Forex below. Albina highlights her views on TFB's priorities, as well as  the ongoing global situation and how forex brokers in different regions have reacted.

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