David Cooney
David Cooney,
Chief Product Officer, MahiFX

Larry Levy of e-Forex interviews David about  MahiFX's approach to risk managment as well as his views about the evolving state of the forex markets.
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Phil Weisberg
Phil Weisberg
EVP Strategic Planning and Partnerships

Larry Levy of e-Forex interviews Phil Weisberg about Data Source.
This oneZero toolkit allows participants in the foreign exchange "value chain" to  examine past data in a public cloud via permissioned access on a granular level, making detailed metric analysis easier - while maintaining access control for the data owner.
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                For Brokers

Albina Zhdanova
Albina Zhdanova, COO
Tools For Brokers

Larry Levy of e-Forex interviews Albina Zhdanova, Chief Operating Officer
at Tools For Brokers. Albina highlights her views on TFB's priorities, as well as  the ongoing global situation and how forex brokers in different regions have reacted.
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John Stead
Larry Levy of e-Forex interviews John Stead, Head of Global Pre-Sales at smartTrade. John speaks about smartTrade's comprehensive range of solutions, emerging trends in FX and how smartTrade can help overcome the challenges of aggregation such as TCO and other factors.  Click here to go to the audio podcast page.

Benedict Sears
Benedict Sears
Head of Institutional FX trading

Equiti's Benedict Sears chats with e-Forex regarding the current state of the institutional forex market in this revealing and detailed interview.
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Richard Elston,
Group Head of Institutional,
CMC Markets
Simon Campbell
Group Head of Trading,      
CMC Markets

CMC chats with e-Forex regarding their concept of "sculpted liquidity". Why using the CMC solution can be better value than a pure POP agency broker. Click here to go to the audio podcast page and listen to CMC's Simon Campbell and Richard Elston speak about CMC's multi faceted, global approach to institutional FX.


Philip Brittan
Philip Brittan,
CEO, Crux Informatics
David Lyons
David Lyons
COO, Euronext FX

Crux and Euronext FX recently entered an agreement to enable broad market delivery of Euronext’s FX Market Data. Click here to go to the audio podcast page and listen to their joint podcast all about Crux Informatics new approach to FX data delivery.

Andrew Ralich, CEO, oneZero
Andrew Ralich
 Andrew talks to e-Forex about oneZero's EcoSystem and how
the company supports both colleagues and clients at this time.
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Advanced Markets
Natalia Hunik, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Advanced Markets
Natallia Hunich
Natalia speaks about the effect that the Corona Pandemic has had on FX markets and her postitive view of the future as well as outlining the advantages of the Advanced Markets FXPOP model. Click here to go to the audio podcast page.

FX SpotStream

Alan Schwarz, CEO, FXSpotStream (FSS)
Alan Schwartz CEO FX SpotStream
Alan reflects on ongoing changes within the FX marketplace as well as FXSpotStream due to the impact of the current global crisis. He also highlights changes in the performance of FXSpotStream over time, as well as its increasingly important role in global electronic FX markets. Click here to go to the audio podcast page.


Ramy Soliman, Chief Strategy Officer, Z.com Global Markets
Ramy talks about some of the latest developments and what is on the horizon at the GMO Internet Group, with the launch of its new global prime-of-prime offering in this audio podcast.  Click here to go to the audio podcast page.

Crown Agents

Steven Marshall, Chief Commercial Officer, Crown Agents Bank
Steven Marshall

Steven talks about Crown Agents Bank's prestigious history going back hundreds
of years to its modern role in trade, payments facilitation,  innovation - as well helping to maintain high standards within the modern commercial and reserve banking world.
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Uemit Akbulut, Director,Sales and Account Management,
Vontobel Investment Banking
Banque Vontobel

Uemit speaks about Bank Vontobel's advanced transparent offerings for 
interbank FX access in this video podcast.
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The landmark webinar was designed to provide an overview of current algorithmic FX trading techniques in the Scandinavian region and the benefits that can be obtained in utilizing execution algorithms and associated trade analysis tool sets.
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