e-Forex interviews David Cooney, Chief Product Officer at MahiFX
David Cooney
Larry Levy interviews David Cooney at MahiFX. Founded by David and Susan Cooney, the incisive team at MahiFX brings a breath of software driven institutional risk management experience and development to the FX markets. From large banks to startup brokers, David explains how, with todays ultra low spreads, in many cases the key to pofitability comes from smart, intelligent, flexible and effective risk management and an intelligent approach to pricing.  To hear more about David's experiences and concepts in today's competitive FX market listen to the podcast (link below).
Based in London and Christchurch, MahiFX's strengths lie in its specialist, data driven technology complemented by decades of trading experience. MahiFX helps banks and brokers enhance profit, mitigate risk and protect their business through three core products:

MFX Compass, which allows clients to form their own rates and manage their risk efficiently, MFX Echo, for detailed analytics and MFX Vector, for finely tuned algorithmic execution.

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