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This landmark audio webinar was originally broadcast Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019, is targeted at buy side firms across the Scandinavian region.

These include corporates, 
asset managers, institutional investors and currency management practitioners. The event is designed to provide an overview of current algorithmic FX trading techniques and the benefits that can be obtained in utilising execution algorithms and associated trade analysis tool sets.

Key areas of discussion for the webinar speakers include:

∎ Why the Nordic FX market is ideally placed to benefit from algorithmic FX trading
 The major distinctions between traditional FX risk transfer processes
and algo FX execution
 The key benefits of FX algos and the major deciding factors for
buyside firms looking to use them

∎ How FX algos can provide unique access to Nordic FX liquidity
∎ How FX algo execution gives clients greater control over market impact and information leakage
∎ Important choices regarding suitable FX algo types and the parameters
that control them

∎ Factors that are important in determining how passive or aggressive
an FX algorithm should be

∎ How to go about proving execution quality for users of FX algos
∎ How users can monitor how well FX algos perform measured
against other methods of trading

∎ The role of pre-trade analytics in ensuring choice of algos
best matches current market conditions

∎ The cost implications of deploying FX algos for firms with different
trading styles and volumes

∎ The differences between agency and principal execution and
how to avoid conflicts of interest

∎ Things to consider when choosing which algo providers would be best to partner with

Moderator:  Larry Levy, Digital Media Manager – FXAlgoNews

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